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    In reply to: Dominic Pascal posted an update Hey all, Im looking for a flat of basil and also a flat of peppers (mild/sweet varieties only). Willing to pay and also pick-up the plants. View

    @dpascal I have about 50 thai and holy basil cuttings for you at the eco farm. We have purple basil that is sweet. You can harvest and propagate those as well.

  • Hey @rawillou
    The Green Scheme sounds like a good match for some of the volunteer activities you mentioned. Volunteering will take place on Saturday, March 4th and March 11th (11am – 1pm). I will also have two growing spaces where you can I can grow together in Montgomery County (closer to you).
    The Arc Farm is always buzzing with activity…[Read more]

    • Thanks Jennifer! Unfortunately, I have to work both of those Saturdays! Argh…my saturdays are quite limited until May because of a project I am the lead on, and the meetings are on every other Saturday until May. I will check out The Arc Farm however. I did put my name on their list at the Rooting DC event also. I should be free next Sunday,…[Read more]