• Jennifer Lumpkin posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    All items need to pick up by 4/7.

    1. Rough cut cedar planks- located at Leckie Elementary School (see attached map for exact location). Pick up anytime during normal school business hours. These are 10 ft long plants, rough on one side, smooth on the other. Varying thickness from 1/4inch to 3 inches. These would be great for laying down as paths between beds, cut for signs, siding for a shed. They aren’t thick enough for constructing a raised bed. Bring a saw if you want to cut on site. Please let me know if you go to pick up and there are less than 20 pieces.

    2. Straw bails- located outside the fence at the K street Farm (K and New Jersey Ave NW- see attached map for exact location). These are 40lbs each. Perfect for mulching. Please let me know if there are just a few bails left when you pick up.

    3. Asparagus crowns- located at OSSE 810 1st street NE 4th floor. These are 2-year old crowns and should be planted NOW! Please call me 2027416485 or 2023410791 before you come and I can bring them down to the street so you don’t have to park.