• Raven Willoughby posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hello Beautiful people! I have a desire to learn to grow with the goal of eventually changing careers to grow professionally. My education is in Community Development. And I have been working to “develop minds” for a long time. I now want to focus on developing the land as a means to change the course of people’s lives. I figured, I first learn to grow lol. I have a nice size balcony that I am looking to grow some herbs and other edibles this spring/summer/fall. I would love some help and support! I am also look for an opportunity to volunteer on a farm this spring/summer! So please use me! As these hands are ready to Do something Dirty! lol (whoa, don’t look too deep into that last comment). Okay, not sure how long these post are suppose to be, so bare with me. Please, someone help! LOL