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    Peace @rawillou — just checking in to see if you’re still out there! Hope all is well πŸ™‚

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    Our friends at the Franciscan Monastery would love to grow with you! @jlwirth @rawillou @wardlegacy @alsopgrows Check out the details here:
    We will be propagating mint, yarrow, lavender, honey melon and pineapple sage, and starting calendula and other herbs from seed.


    Franciscan Monastery Garden Guild

    PS: The Garden…[Read more]

    • Thanks Jennifer! We will be propagating herbs in the Franciscan Monastery Greenhouse from 1 to 3 pm this Saturday, March 25, 2017. The Monastery is at 14th & Quincy Streets NE, in Brookland. The Greenhouse is in the back, at the bottom of the hill. Follow signs to the gift shop and then go down the hill.

      • Hi Christina
        Do you all have regular Saturday volunteer hours? I would like to come out and help out / pick up some growing and use techniques but am booked solid this weekend. Thanks!

        • Hi Joe, Yes, our regular Saturday volunteer hours are between 10 am and 1 pm. We have an all-volunteer garden guild that tends the vegetable and herb gardens behind the monastery. Someone is usually working in the Monastery garden then, and we can always use help. We are simultaneously preparing to plant the garden and getting ready for the…[Read more]

  • Hey @rawillou
    The Green Scheme sounds like a good match for some of the volunteer activities you mentioned. Volunteering will take place on Saturday, March 4th and March 11th (11am – 1pm). I will also have two growing spaces where you can I can grow together in Montgomery County (closer to you).
    The Arc Farm is always buzzing with activity…[Read more]

    • Thanks Jennifer! Unfortunately, I have to work both of those Saturdays! Argh…my saturdays are quite limited until May because of a project I am the lead on, and the meetings are on every other Saturday until May. I will check out The Arc Farm however. I did put my name on their list at the Rooting DC event also. I should be free next Sunday,…[Read more]

      • Peace Raven — we are in 2019! Just reading through and reflecting on the last few years. looks like you were busy (as we all were) back during our last correspondence. feeling good? πŸ™‚

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    In reply to: Raven Willoughby posted an update Hello Beautiful people! I have a desire to learn to grow with the goal of eventually changing careers to grow professionally. My education is in Community Development. And I have been working to \"develop minds\" for a long time. I now want to focus on developing the land as a means to change the course of people\'s lives. I figured, I first learn to grow lol. I have a nice size balcony that I am looking to grow some herbs and other edibles this spring/summer/fall. I would love some help and support! I am also look for an opportunity to volunteer on a farm this spring/summer! So please use me! As these hands are ready to Do something Dirty! lol (whoa, don\'t look too deep into that last comment). Okay, not sure how long these post are suppose to be, so bare with me. Please, someone help! LOL View

    @rootedandsustainedllc let’s schedule a time within the next two weeks to work with @rawillou! Anyone else that can join in let us know — we’re ready to grow!

  • @rootedandsustainedllc our new member @rawillou would like to learn how she can grow in her balcony! We may need to purchase some rootpouches from @cultivatethecity, or I can gather some free pots. I have plent of free seeds to get going. Let’s link at Hagans this Sunday!